Cordially welcome to our school website.
This venture to enter the cyber zone can be defined as one of the great steps taken by Taxila Maha Vidyalaya which is a leading school in the Horana Education Zone in the Western Province. Through this web site the information on the History of our school, the current situations,student achievements and lots of other services are obtainable.


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"A proud,future generation,who can face the challenges successfully."


"It's our aim to contribute a knowledgeable, skillful,courteous,efficient,sensitive
and excellent future generation."


Principal's Message

"I feel enthusiastically glad to convey my message at this memorable moment in which the Taxila Junior School approaching the cyber field. Through the internet the whole broad world has become a global village. This is really a revolution ; an encouraging change ; succeeded in the attempt in a great educational upliftment. Taxila Junior School, being a richly fascilitating , positively motivating model school in our motherland has also stepped onto the new era with her kids releasing her great history around the universe. To do so the kids were guided successfully well by the teacher incharge of the subject I.C.T. All those who shouldered this hard work must be honoured by all of us on behalf of the school."

Janak Abeyrathna

The Principal


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Our school is situated in the Horana town in the Kalutara District close to the Panadura-Rathnapura highway.

A- Taxila Maha Vidyalaya (New Premises)

B- Taxila Maha Vidyalaya (Mother School)



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